The Untold Story

The Untold Story

No one knows exactly when it all started, and who knows how and when it will all end. It has actually started long ago it is not a matter of couple of thousand of years. Science tells us that the story begins with the Bang very huge bang famously known as “Big Bang” because of the bang all the matter and energy came into existence and of course all the fundamental forces trace their way back to this big bang.

What was there before nobody will be able to tell you correctly but the question arises why you need to know this??? Why you should always bother to know such things which are forbidden to ask??? But this is present in your nature; you are supposed to be curious. Think about what it would be there before the big bang when there must have been complete silence. The silence itself speaks about someone; actually you will find science silent on this matter. Why that bang took place??? What was or who was present before the creation of this universe. Science at times leaves you in a dark forest. I firmly believe that whatever you see, feel, sense or touch has some sort of connection with the very moment of the creation of the universe.

First of all let me confess this although I have been a student of science but I strongly disagree with some theories and it should not be an issue because there were so many theories later replaced by newer ones and they were all wrong so whatever I am going to discuss it’s not that I must agree with those completely.

The Bang took place nearly 13.8 billion years ago and science tells that fundamental particles (for a reminder atoms are made up of these particles) were formed during the initial stages when our universe was just born. As Einstein once said Imagination is the most powerful thing it can take you anywhere it has no limits whatsoever you can even fly without having wings just in your imagination!!!

It’s time to use this imagination and think yourself witnessing a bang standing nearby…. light and energy bursting out into the dark space, whoever has made this all he appears to be painter at times, painting pictures on large canvas. He at times appears to be a mathematician, when we come to know that everything is quantized in this universe.

Let’s get back to the topic again, after the bang and the formation of the fundamental particles they spread out into the space like wandering clouds…hydrogen and helium were the two most abundant elements and still they are in our universe. Space is strange as we are it has so many bizarre properties when dust and clouds of newly formed elements and molecules were spread out into the space, they started to attract each other and turned themselves into clusters which had higher density and their own gravity and that was the beginning of the birth of the Luminous objects we see in nights “stars”. It just happened because of the law of gravitation courtesy to Sir Isaac Newton who solved this mystery


The molecules which started to induce each other made the gravity so intense that it initiated the “Fusion Reaction” (which we have studied in our high schools) and because of this reaction stars look so bright.

What about those objects, circling around these stars if you have got it right I am talking about planets like our own actually if I am not mistaken they are the remnants of the newly born stars. The gas and dust which were still present there closer to stars. In the similar fashion molecules of gas and dust started to attract each other making a denser region in the space and after some sort of my own research I should not be hesitant to say that the planets are also stars like object just their gravity is not that much intense to initiate the fusion reaction, and that’s the only reason (to the best of my knowledge) they do not emit light as stars do, somehow they cannot be held guilty because of this.

So far so good according to science this kind of procedure must have been completed by our own solar system but now here it gets serious and somewhat ridiculous when the “Theory of Evolution” comes to join the party in order to depict the picture of how life originated in our planet. It is very long and descriptive theory indeed but we will just discuss the core of this theory, as we know that we humans or mostly every living thing are made up of cells, tens of billions of cells and in return each and every single human cell is approximately made up of 10 trillion to 100 trillion atoms………The theory of evolution says that one day on earth cell came into existence on its own and it thought why I should not make a copy of myself???

Then multiplying itself many times some sort of organism (resembling with rat) came into being of course this was not so simple but for the sake of simplicity accept this as I described and I forgot to mention one thing that this whole process took place in the water.

Then the days kept passing and one day that rat like creature thought why should I not go outside the water…… and it came outside, not to be offensive but this is the theory of evolution and by far the best theory given by science on how life evolved on earth.

Its now your turn to make the decision by yourself but let me again remind you that I did not want to ridicule science, I just wanted to make my point that there are some secrets only mother nature can reveal itself to anyone but this theory has symbolic value that still science cannot help you out but then they say why I always talk about these “fairy tales” and planets and galaxies, the reason is that this is the only way I have found to praise the mother nature, for the time being I am helpless I cannot force myself not to write about these things. I will not be talking anymore about these things if I found something more thrilling till then allow me to write and help me find some other way.

Written by
      M.Salman Wahidi

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  1. August 11, 2014 at 4:45 pm

    I disagree with some of the points here …. wheres the platform to debate ??

    • September 23, 2014 at 5:33 pm

      No platform, just read and move on!

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