When we talk about  Telecommunication  the first thought that pops up in  our mind is “talking over huge distances without any visible carrier that takes away our messages and brings back the feedback.” Today talking to your friend who lives several miles away in a remote corner of earth is now just a piece of cake for you.




Isn’t it?

Also, apart from talking you do numerous other things too. That counts for the advancements in telecommunication. Modern telecommunications allow communications to be conducted without ever leaving your home.

From here we derive the meaning of telecommunication which is the communication over huge distances.

Here a question arises that how we are able to communicate so far? Is there a web of  cables that is spread all over the world? Obviously not! The answer lies within and a new thought of wireless communication emerges in our mind. A revolution in the wireless networking begun in 1900’s with the pioneering developments in the radio communications.



The history talks about the use of beacons and smoke signals (drums too in some cases) to be the useful means of early telecommunication but today things have got so much advanced that  an invisible micro wave can carry loads of information from end of earth to another.

Microwave electronics are by and large an analog science, as opposed to most other electrical engineering, which has mostly gone digital. Microwave engineering is also called engineering of information and applied electromagnetic of electronics .The rapid development of microwave technology came during World War II with the urgent need to improve radar detection of enemy aircraft and submarines and the invention of the high-power cavity magnetron. The wireless telecommunication completely relay on the electromagnetic microwaves.

Mobiles phones , Internet, Social networking, Telephones all these components of telecommunication brings you closer to your people , lets your share your life with them. In your business they are helpful in every department you can count. In short this field of engineering has constitute hugely in the development and advancement of the human life.

Written by Ayesha Rahim


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