Think Straight-Let’s Have Access On Minds

Think Straight-Let’s Have Access On Minds

Greetings! 🙂 Well we usually are very curious about getting into the minds of people and scratching the things out. Like, when we see any stranger we focus on his activities to frame out his actual personality and when we go a long way with him (like in friendship or something) then we somehow become able to judge his nature, background, mentality and many other things. Why are we so curious? What I think that it is because we really want to find out that how can we communicate with them? Deal with them? I mean what sort of attitude should we acquire to make him feel comfortable to be with us, to mingle up with us. And often it becomes very necessary to find out about people so that we can help them out in their miserable situations? Or like so that we can lie in comfortable zone with them? Well.. this was a little sketch, I have designed some key points about human’s psychology that are very common.

  • Feeling difficulty in judging whether the person is happy?

=The people who mostly stand in sun more comfortably are likely to be happier ones. Actually bearing the sun’s scorching heat is very difficult. Here what I mean is that people having positivity in them or having happy background are more likely to bear the heat of sun easily.


Usually it’s difficult to stand in sun, don’t you think so?? It means such people are stronger.

=The people who sleep more are alone and sad actually.

Well that’s true that people who sleep more seem to be lazy and irritating but if they are sad, they need more attention!

  • Confused?? Why do people criticize you?

80% people with low self-esteem are more likely to find chances to criticize you or discourage you or let you look down. They do this for making themselves feel better.



It means nothing to worry about, they actually are lacking, not you!

  • What to do with people who are always absent minded?

Well you don’t need to do anything with them. Absent minded or distracted people are more creative most of the times 🙂


. Ahh! As people also call me absent minded, it’s good for me atleast!

4)Suddenly had some inner feelings about someone without even interacting?

Well.. gazing direct into the eyes of any stranger or even the people you know can make you feel anything about him or make you judge his thoughts or something as the eyes are the direct gate to soul. They can make u feel anything for the person you are looking at all of a sudden.

  • Why you prefer reading shorter lines than the longer ones?

It’s just your visual fault that u think that you can read a line having shorter width faster but the truth is that you can actually read longer lines faster as they have no break for the longer time which maintains your decorum.

Like a kid.. he feels safer when he sees shorter lines in his book to read! And when a kid is asked to read longer lines, he’s more than a person being severely injured. Hahh ,that’s funny!

5)What is 7 plus or minus 2 rule?

A human brain can only store 5 (7 minus 2) to 9(7 plus 2) sets of information in its short term memory. However that information can have small sets of corresponding data.


For example a human being can remember 5 to 9 tasks a day most probably.

So don’t get tensed that you forget things so often especially when you are having lots more to do. One can experience this even if he’s managing very less works or handling loads of stuffs. I experience the same. 🙂

  • Majority of our thoughts are subconscious!

Our brain handles almost 11 millions of data(individual) in each second so it is impossible most of the times to take decisions consciously.

  • Memories are never the same!

Memories are like short plays and we believe that they are stored in our mind. But the case is somehow different. We actually construct our memories so each time we think of the same event, it’s memories are reconstructed and changed somehow.

Here what I’ve concluded is that every person is a story writer within himself.

  • Having dreams about someone ?

Most of the people have perceptions that when we miss some one, we experience dream of that person. But this hypothesis is totally wrong. It goes as vice versa, when somebody miss’ us, he/she comes in our dreams.

Thus the people who come in your dreams miss you more!

P.S: Don’t get upset with people who never came in your dreams! 😉


Well.. Studying psychology is not a cup of cake so it can’t be gathered up into a single document! But these above were some common facts that are associated with our daily life.

Stay Tuned Fellows!! 🙂

Author: Rida Sagheer

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