Top Lies Fashion Addicts Tell.

Top Lies Fashion Addicts Tell.


So, people I’m back with another blog, But oh no no don’t worry i wont let you drown in the imaginary world this time. Rather I was thinking you people might be tired and enough reading with all the technical and astronomical blogs?? So, lets try something new today, something free from technical, technological and astronomical stuff. Something like… Like, Humorous yet reality?? Entertaining yet Facts??

Girls and Guys, Ladies and Gentlemen fasten your seatbelts as we are on a ride to the entertainment world.



We all do follow trends and fashion, all in our own ways. We say it or not but we do, Let it be the dress you wear to the laptop beg you carry, they all depict your personality and your fashion sense..

Speaking about the fashion sense, lets peak into the MOST BIGGEST lies that every fashion follower especially girls ( since, I my self am a girl too) tells.

  • These shoes are so comfy, i could sleep in them!!

Your feet are covered in blisters but you’d rather go down in flames than admit that your gorgeous shoes are killing you softly and slowly inside. High heels for the ladies and too pointy toe shapes for the men.Let me tell you a mantra that i usually follow when passing through such hard times: DO NOT MOVE, and keep asking “ is there any place to sit down”.

  •  I don’t follow trends!!

These are the people (including me) who believe that they are the trend setters not the trend followers but in the mean while Googles “How to make Kim Kardashian’s Smoky eyes” and “How to dress up like Justin Timberlack”.

  • Shopping?? Oh no no.. I don’t shop much!!

Well it might be true for most the men, but believe me there are still a lot of gentlemen out there who are shopaholic. But if we talk about the ladies i don’t think they’ll hesitate admitting this truth. In fact they’ll love it!!


  •  I’m going to wear so much color this season!!

You vow to try bright colors and pastels for spring but end up in all black. Because if you’d had to choose between a black classy dress to a multicolored dress definitely black catches my eyes and yes your’s too.

  • Its Deepak Parwani!

I have one of my friend who is a very big brand cautious. Whatever i wear let it be my wrist watch or my scarf she questions about the brand. And i in return tell a white lie “its Deepak Parwani” and if unfortunately its not, then also Deepak Parwani’s name has to be attached.

  •  I’m on my way!!

You have not picked out your accessories yet, there’s no way that you’ll reach on time but being fashionably late is your thing any way.

  • I’ve nothing to wear!!

The classic- all time favourite fashion addict lie. Although your clothes have more room for them than you have.

I can observe many heads nodding and many faces giggling at all these white lies and i bet many of you would have told at least one or two from the above lies although there are many more to be talked about about but for this time i think these are the TOP MOST LIES FASHION ADDICTS TELL.

-See you soon,

Zee Jay 🙂

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