Video Calling Applications – The Golden 5

Video Calling Applications – The Golden 5

Distance can be pretty troublesome when it comes to contacting with someone. But who knew the bridge to overcome these distances will be Video calling applications that fill the communication gap that people were longing for. Either a family gossip between oldie goldie ladies or a business meeting within Organization or a plan of group study among friends, One way that brought everyone to a same platform were these Video calling applications.

Everyone needs the best, and best comes at high expense so here are the golden 5 Applications that may help you to choose what’s best for yourself.


The Diamond- SKYPE

Skype is a diamond of this techno Era that shines and gets everyone’s attention. The top leading video application that has touched the skies in just more than a decade. No surprise that, It’s currently owned by Microsoft. The best tagline to describe Skype would be “Simpler-Gets it better”. All you know is, if you’re a newbie, few steps and Walla you’re master in operating it.

Skype can be used in 28+ languages and surprisingly almost everyone uses it . Skype has approximately 750 million users currently that have made more than 200 billion minutes worth of free Skype-to-Skype calls.


Instant Messaging, Free Video calling, Conference calls ,Screen sharing, Sending and sharing pictures, Call on Mobile and Landline, Caller ID, Forwarded calls to your own mobile from Skype, Voice messages.

 The ooVoo

The Platinum –OOVOO

Oovoo is another throbbing App that surely has outstanding characteristics to rule out the market within no time. Having trouble in paradise? Facing Problem in contacting people who have OOVOO Account and you don’t? Days of worry are over, because OOVOO provides you vid-chat even if you don’t have an Account. It has wild qualities that are differed to beg, it allows 12 users to have a conference call with high quality of video and audio. The best part about OOVOO is , it links to your Facebook, Youtube or Whatsapp Account so merging contact should be a matter of seconds.

ooVoo won PC Magazine’s Software Innovation “Best in Show” Award in Sep’07.That’s not all, In March’08, it won the “Webware 100” award, Best Mobile product for Android in PC Magazine’s 2k11 Award ceremony and the list goes on.


Video Call record, Watch Together-A feature to watch Youtube Videos with your groupies during the call, high quality voice calls, instant Messaging, Screen Share, File Share up to 5Mb.

 Google Hangout


As the name shows, Google Hangouts created by Google is an impressively palladium Application. Google has remarkably showed that not even in browsing platform but in application development, they aren’t any less. It’s used for all OS’s from Android to IPhone. The original Recipe behind this application is the formation of three perfect ingredients – Google+, Google Talk and Hangouts.

The picky trick that cheeses Hangouts is, you can show your emotions or something you’re about to do by simply typing “/me” before writing any sentence. It will actually make it a status between a chat Such as /me is feeling sleepy.


Location Sharing, Instant Messaging, Vid chat with 10 people at one time, synchronizes the history & hangouts, both cameras can be used-front and rare.


The Gold-TANGO

Tango-A name for perfect Family Package, A package that shows the signs of being a mini social network and a splendid vid- chat application .Everyone wants to look perfect in pictures, and luckily Tango fulfils the dream by providing an Editor. Crunchy part is, Tango saves you from sign up headaches ,can operate it even without being Signed in. It has 200+ Million users and is presented in 14 languages. The PC Magazine remarked it with being “the simplest mobile chat application out there”


Vid and Voice calls, finding friends, photo sharing, favourite music to listen to, games to play & challenge your friends.


The Silver- LINE

Last but not the least; Line is another face of vid application that has immensely showed some very different colours to gaze upon. Not only it has this application, but it has different Add-on tools that can make your Line experience more beautiful than ever. It has Line Deco, Line Camera, Line Pay, Line Blush, Line Selfie stickers and what not!


Timeline Feature-To know more about your social circle, Stickers to add, Vid chats, Instant Messages, Status of the message, Voice Calls.

Choosing what’s best for you can be hard sometimes, but not when you know the secret to select the best application around. And these topies 5 won’t disappoint you and will surely upgrade your video chatting and texting experience to a whole new level. Who knows maybe the future has more exciting Vid apps to show, but let the time decide that, till then Stay tuned Folks-

Have a happy Vid-Chatting! Logging off-It’s Mah Gul Hamza here.

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