Why people aren’t listening to you….???

Why people aren’t listening to you….???

What if you aren’t being taken seriously..?? You aren’t being listened to..?? Your opinions are not being counted..??

What is the reason behind it..?? Is it a blame game? Are you at fault? or the other person is doing something wrong..?? Well it’s not like that..!!

The actual reason is the communication problem for which you are not being listened to…

Following are the reasons that why other people are not listening to you…

  • The first reason is when you stop listening them and miss the point.
  • When you are trying to get them something else is distracting your attention.
  • If you force so many people to listen you then automatically the tune outs.
  • If you put stress to other person, it will make them to stop listening you.
  • When you enter any situation at that time when the other person is not prepared to listen.

These all can be corrected by observing the situation that what actually is happening.

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