WHY you should attend PAMA Fun Fair?

WHY you should attend PAMA Fun Fair?

Practical learning has always been considered a better way to improve one’s education and concepts. Learning becomes more passionate when it involves the personal growth and the improvement in the career as an individual. That same intuitive mission is carried out by the Public Administration Marketing Arena (PAMA). This time again PAMA has provided an opportunity for the students and individuals to learn more and embrace their careers. And the Fun fair is the ultimate package of all the activities and essence you need. It’s an event for the family and friends and a places to give away innovative ideas, learn marketing strategies, creativity and innovations.

Here are the reasons why you don’t want to miss this event that involves the experiences that are going to be by your side till the lifetime!

  1. PAMA-Fun fair has been honoured with Best Annual Educational Event awarded by the Vice Chancellor, University of Sindh, Jamshoro last year. Being the best means fulfilling the expectations of what an educational event should be like.
  2. Are you having low confidence? Well worry not because PAMA gives you a way where you can easily speak your thoughts by participating and interacting with several individuals from different backgrounds.
  3. This Fun fair will take you a step forward towards a successful Entrepreneurship where you can learn the practical side of any business establishment.
  4. Fun Fair will provide you the best learning environment and ways to embrace the business culture.
  5. Fun fair is not only about having fun but it also provides the students and teachers to coordinate in a way where the ideas and innovations of the individuals are welcomed.
  6. Fun fair has many stalls that can keep you entertained that includes games stall, cultural stalls, shopping stalls, arts and design stalls, photography booth and what not!
  7. Experience what the cultural diversity feels like, Sindh University has different department that surely know how to shine through the crowd. Be the part of such madness.
  8. Learn how to manage and administrate a situation and make your practical approach stronger than ever.
  9. The funds collected by the event are used for the Charity purposes and this year they’ll be used for the education of the children who can’t afford. Be a part of such beautiful cause.

Mark the history and be a part of this event and gain the experience you always wanted!

For further details Contact: https://www.facebook.com/pama.funfair


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