Windows 10

Windows 10

 When I use the term Microsoft’s Upcoming OS (operating system), you’d never imagine about any Linux based OS, or you would have?

Every kid on the planet earth who uses a computer, either for social networking or gaming, is familiar with the term “Windows”, apart the fact whether he knows the purpose of this thing or not. Microsoft Windows is the most used operating system in cyber world, & when it comes to the versions it was Windows XP that ruled on computers for a long time. A revolutionary update of Windows 7 where made the Microsoft fans chill there Windows 8 was the cause of disappointment, due to several reasons which made users to revert back to the previous operating system that of the 7. But Microsoft accepted the reasons of disappointments of most customers obediently & launched updated version named Windows 8.1 (officially still called Windows 8 though).

When it comes to the security point of view it was just awesome & perfect operating system. Many users might have waited to hear about the upcoming releases of Microsoft, if you’re one of them you might have expected the release of Windows 9, (following the series of names Windows 7, then 8, & now 9), but unexpectedly & suddenly Microsoft announced their upcoming release with name WINDOWS 10 (also known as Windows Threshold as codename). Wondered?

Well, I honor the reason you’re surprised of, I am as well, but it’s after all Microsoft, whom even Linux & mac users respect as well then why not we? :p

Aside kidding, Let me give you two explanations: There’s a rumor that Microsoft actually wanted to celebrate this new brilliant progress in its operating system that’s why it skipped windows 9 & jumped towards windows 10, but to the technical point of view, thousands of third party applications are programmed like:

If (version Starts With (“Windows 9”))

The above line refers to the windows operating system 95 & windows operating system 98, no more compatible though, if Microsoft would have named its upcoming operating system as windows 9 instead of windows 10 then just try to guess how many compatibility issues would have been risen in case?

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is expected to be released by April 2015. At the moment Microsoft has released an alpha version of Windows 10 to be tested by the volunteer IT Experts for a time period of nearly 6 months. Keep in mind that this alpha release is not for common computer users & is also not supposed to be installed on daily used computers. Why? Obviously one wouldn’t like to use an unstable version of operating system, & an operating system of which each & every activity is traced. YES! Microsoft traces each & every action performed within the operating system windows 10, it’s necessary so that Microsoft becomes able to understand the user-OS interactions for improvement purposes. There are some other reasons as well like you won’t be able to disable the automatic updates, & so.

I’d like to introduce you two main features within this operating system.

  • Start Menu: It’s a mixture of start menu within Windows 7 & Windows 8.
  • Multi Desktop Environment: Just like in Ubuntu or Sun Solaris, you’re able to work within different desktop environments at a time.

If you’d like to try this operating system you can click on the laptop-logo-image at the top of this article, besides here’s a screenshot taken within the updated environment of Microsoft Windows 10.

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