Wireless Power Transmission

Wireless Power Transmission

What if your cell phones are running out of power and you have no time to charge them?
Same with your laptops, and yeah that huge wires hiding behind your desktop (PC)?
Fed up of these wires all around you?
Imagine a world without wires? How its sounds like?

Yes it is possible

“The Wireless Power Transmission” 

Power can be transmitted without wires.

Imagine if your cell phones and laptops start charging without plugging them.

Your computers and televisions start working without the plugging issues?

 So here is the solution to the world to be free of wires and cables:

 Wireless electricity is simply the conduction of electrical energy without wires. The idea was proposed way back in 1891 by Nikola Tesla, who suggested it could be an alternative to power distribution through transmission lines.

 So imagine a world without wires, where household and portable electronic devices like cell phones, mp3 players, and laptops can be charged wirelessly without being plugged in. Sounds good?

Many companies are working on emerging technologies that can efficiently transfer power over long distances through the air, using a magnetic field and specially designed magnetic resonators.

Typical components in wireless power transmission include a transmission antenna, and receiving antenna and electricity can be relayed over short, moderate, or large distances.

Picture 5

It works on the principle of mutual induction, in which one of the coil (transmitter) transmits the magnetic field and that magnetic field gets induced in the other coil (receiver), the receiver converts that magnetic field into an electric field and if the load is connected to the coil the load will start receiving power from the coil (receiver).

By this we could eliminate the use of wires and a huge amount could be saved which is spent on these wires.

This technology could eliminate the need for substations especially in hilly areas where it is a challenge to erect communication towers. Also, according to the World Resources Institute (EIA), electricity transmission and distribution losses average about 7% of the electricity. The main reason for losses worldwide is the resistance of wires used in the transmission grid. This problem can be solved by a wireless power transmission system, which will not only improve efficiency and lower transmission costs, but also eliminate power thefts (Especially in Pakistan).

The technology around electricity transmission and distribution is continuously evolving, and under favorable conditions, the day is not far away when people will start receiving wireless electricity just like a cell phone call!

Are you excited about the idea of wireless electricity? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below

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 karoonjhar Narejo 

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