Well… here I am in front of my laptop waiting to convey my thoughts to you using the words I have. But what should be conveyed is the problem. I am here waiting to write…. But what should I write? U know what… leave it… let me tell you something… something that we all should know… we all can write… you me the one at the corner of the road smoking a cigarette… everyone… but then why is it only few people write and while others are just left to criticize the hardship of the person who wrote something with all his heart….

Here is the reason to that… writers are one of the most courageous persons on this planet at the moment… you know why… they are not afraid… let me tell you what is the first thing that pops to one’s mind when he/she thinks of writing something… why should I write? Well the answer to that is no complex as that of a math equation. It’s as simple as “TO INSPIRE” yes… humanity, human race throughout times has been looking for inspirations… people have been looking for leads to follow… events to investigate… mysteries to solve… all that coz of what?? Curiosity? No… inspiration would be the right word for that coz curiosity is something that killed the cat… a literal joke… hope the geeks would understand…. Well so I was saying… it was inspiration that lead to the great achievements of human race.. did people become curious when they saw the birds flying at heights they could never imagine were reachable… no it was inspiration… that were inspired by the flying birds the king of the skies…. Let’s talk about that some other time… right now I’m here to tell u about writing… write…. To inspire…

now since the answer to why has been answered here is the next question that comes to our minds…. WHAT?? What to write?? Now this one is quiet troublesome… coz it leads people in two direction… one is when we have so much to say that we get confuse about where to start from… other one is when people just sit with a blank page and mind waiting for something to come to them that would give them a start…

Now for writers who get astray about what to write… my advice to you people is that clear your mind take a deep breath and write the first word that comes in your mind… you,me,we,us,stupid,them,fire,water,earth…. Just write it down… the first word that comes in your mind… now look at that word… keep looking don’t just look stare… and think…. Think until you know what that word could mean to the audience to your readers…. Think of the message you can give using that word… clear your mind…. And start writing…

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As for the ones still sitting at their butts with no thoughts in their minds…. You people are afraid.. yes you have nothing to write coz you what you are trying to do is impress your audience… you want to implicate that you are some high standard literature master who just wants to write the good stuff…. Well it’s not true… A good writer is someone who takes something ordinary and turns it into something extra-ordinary…. U don’t need a good topic or title… you just need a title and you will make it good… and who cares if what you have written is not good… good or bad it doesn’t matters… the most important thing is that feeling of relaxation, that satisfaction that comes while u were writing… plus good writing comes with experience… and experience comes with practice… keep writing… about the silliest things funniest ones… about your mum’s cooking your dad’s driving you friends babbling or your partners caring… just write… on whatever you like… but write… and there will be a time when you will realize that you are writing good… but before that you’ve got to start first… the first step is to fill that blank page with one word just one word is all that you need…. Think of that word and start writing…

In the last a little piece of advice and somewhat a message…. I want you guys to know how I decided whether what I have written is good or not…. After completing my article I read it from the start… as a reader… not as some writer lost in pride of what he has created…. If in the end I end up smiling or satisfied I feel like I’ve written something good that would be helpful to the readers… and trust me it rarely happens that after going through my work I end up smiling… but the point here is… Write… Write to inspire… Anyone can be an inspiration to anyone…. I was thinking of writing this one with a slogan… and got around this one


With that I am going to conclude my article and before the departures I would like to encourage you all to write… do write… let fate be the judge of whether you write good or bad… just try and express your thoughts and feelings in the melody of words….

Written by : 
   Fahad Rauf

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