The first idea that sensors give us is to sense. Or to be more exact the five senses that we have, sense of touch, taste, sight, smell and hear. But in a broader perspective a sensor is a device that receives some signal (signals can be anything like light, pressure, motion, etc.  ) and then respond to it in a very distinctive manner.

Today sensors have become of so great use in the different fields of technology that even a single sensor embedded into a device can make it feel alive. Just look at your android phone. Just a touch is enough to command it.


Or take the example of fire sensors that ring the fire alarm as soon as it senses any smoke or fire around.


This counts for an excellent advantage of sensors and that is its wireless-ness !! There is no visible connection between the signal emitting device and the sensor.


Now coming towards our main topic The WSN, we should first know what it actually is. This term stands for the WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK which means it is simply a network of various  sensors which responds on different signals. Today  we can clearly see the immense development in the fields of electronics and nanotechnology , there pervasive and ubiquitous  environments are becoming reality day by day. The credit goes to the WSN technology which has played the role of a key enabler for these environments.

The WSN has proved to be of huge importance in different departments but its most recent and greatest  advancement has been seen in the military domain. Apart from this the diversified applications of WSN are also implemented in the departments of agriculture, infrastructure, health sector, smart buildings  and  grids , disaster management , etcetra.

This technology is more expected to flourish in the developing countries like Pakistan where there is a vast space for the technologies like WSN and others to make maturations and evoluations. For Pakistan to fly high and be elated, it needs to adapt , use and implement this innovation .

 Written by Ayesha Rahim





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