Meet Our Beautiful Team

Muettech is a small team who help brands with big ideas.

Farhan Shaikh

CEO & Founder

He gave the idea of such website and he has been working for this from the day one.

He is doing Bachelors in Telecommunications from Mehran UET and interested in modern technologies. He gathers the data for this site and enjoying his job.

Umair Mujtaba Qureshi

Senior Adviser

Sir Mujtaba is very Kind and help-full He is the senior adviser of MUETTECH. He is a very talented guy and he is a Real Pro.

He is Lecturer at Telecommunication department of Mehran UET. His advice play a very vital role while on a journey to a prosperous MUETTECH.  

Irfan Ali Khan

Software Engineer

“It’s a good platform for the youngsters to gather and share the info together.”

Irfan is professionally a Software Engineer. He designs and builds any and every piece of the MuetTech System with a constant focus on the experience of our learners. His work involves Development, Administration and Management in MuetTech. He graduated from Institute of information and communication technology IICT, Sindh University. His hard work and brilliance has bestowed him with very strong connections in his field. He was the one who put the seed of MuetTech System on the ground He’s been with MuetTech since it was solely an idea. His guidance has always proven to be very fruitful for the team.

Abdul Rehman Deswali

Info-graphic Designer

He is the lead info-graphic designer of the MUECTTECH, he processes and builds the dynamic info graphics.

Completing his bachelor’s in mass communication from University of Sindh .Prior to this project he has been working for different websites.

Mah Gul Hamza

Chief Blogger

Mah Gul Hamza is doing her BE in Software Engineering from MUET Jamshoro, She wishes to persue her carrier as developer & designer. In her spare time She loves to read & write.

She's the Chief Blogger at without her it would have been extremely hard to manage the Blogging Section, the way she manages the blogging department is just more than awesome. To her MUETTECH is a family & everything she learned is a life time experience to her.

Tanweer Ahmad

Web Designer

“MuetTech is a family.”

Tanweer is the techno-guy of the MUETTECH family. His expertise lies in programming, web development and blogging. He’s currently studying Telecommunications in MUET . MUETTECH would be incomplete if it wasn’t for him.

He loves to blog about technology whether it’s an idea or a reality ,he knows his work. He’s professionally interested in programming and wireless technology. He’s a bit coy in public but his intelligence and knowledge is known by everyone around him!

Syed Safiullah Shah


“What gives me passion in it is that MuetTech has a family like environment and its friendly.”

Safiullah is soon-to-be Telecom Engineer. He is in last year of his bachelors. He profoundly is interested in how information travels in form of electromagnetic waves and that leads him to be indulged in wireless and satellite technologies. He is the better half of HOD of media team, he usually covers events and from time to time he acts as a legal adviser for the team. He has his sidekicks of being a writer and often official paperwork goes through his supervision.

M.Salman Wahidi


“It was for something and the goal has been achieved.”

Sulman who is known for his epic introduction- session with newbies is just few semesters away in becoming a telecom engineer. He is compassionate about the galaxies and space which has leads him to chase his biggest dream of life, to contact aliens. He’s a pro in chess and is one of the founding members of MuetTech. He’s the pioneer of the blogging section. Ex-Chief Blogger but these days he works in the shadows but his reflection plays a very vital role in the team.

Ayesha Rahim

Content writer

AYESHA RAHIM serves as a blogger of MUETTECH team, capable to think out of the box.

She concentrates on giving her E-articles based on the raising innovations in the domain of technology. Presently she is studying bachelors in Telecommunication from Mehran UET.

Muhammad Fahad

Media Head

“MuetTech is an enigma that has brought a vital change in all of us.”

Fahad, soon to be telecom Engineer is just few steps away from becoming a telecom Engineer. He’s professionally interested in networking and that’s where he sees his future. Telecommunication was something that inspired him from the start and his compassion has brought him here. He loves photography and that has been his passion from the start. He started working for MuetTech back in march’14 and worked his way up to media head. He’s not only a friend but also an advisor to the MuetTech team. He leads and guides the media coverage that our organisation offers.

Ansarah Durrani


“MuetTech is one of the most active, popular and leading websites of MUET helping students out of their problems regarding studies, practical works”

Ansarah is the future Electrical Engineer and her love resides in working on fields like dams and generation areas. She wants to change the stereotype, girls-can’t-be-ElectricalEngineers . And her presence in such field is the example that her effective efforts are worthy. She’s a part of the project clan and her work includes collecting the projects and finalizing & compiling them with proper format. Her responsibility has always been one of the plus one factor for the muettech family .

Anzal Ali Memon


“I think it is a platform for those people who want to achieve something in life..”

Anzal as a future telecom Engineer wants to advance in the field of telecommunication engineering. Her interest lies in wireless communication. She’s currently working as a Blogger in MuetTech and she provides techno news and all happenings around the globe. She believes one can reflect their ideas through their writing which one cannot explain to people in person.  

Sidra Maryam


“It's fun ,creative bunch of people working and putting a lot of effort to run this team”

Sidra , to-be Computer system Engineer, is studying in Mehran UET. Her passion lies in Networking and that’s where she wants to pursue after her Bachelors. She serves as a blogger to muettech. She writes to interact with her readers and provide them the awareness about the upcoming technologies and fascinate them by stating her opinions and views. She’s soft spoken and polite person of the muettech. And when it comes to work, she’s always ready to learn and glow.

Zee Jay


Zee jay is completing her bachelors in Telecommunication in Mehran University of Engineering and technology. Her professional love lies in augmented reality, Robotics, Tele transportation & Nano technology.

She’s a Blogger at Muettech. Her blogs reflect the part of her interests and personality; she’s mostly indulged in techno blogs and ones that are related to her field. Apart from these she loves writing on something that exhilarates the mind, those blogs can be anything related to the students affair from being fashion addict to a nerd.

Ikrama Khurshid


“We have set our goals for future and all the team members are working on it with perseverance and devotion”

Ikrama is enrolled into MUET, currently doing his bachelors in Mechanical Engineering .He has keen interest in Internal Combustion Engines and is planning to do his masters in Automobile Engineering .Project Department of the Muettech is handled by Ikrama, Every project that muettech handles is incomplete if it doesn’t go through Ikrama’s hands. His hard work and potential has always proven to be effective for the team. He believes in making a difference. He’s the work beast and doesn’t stop until he achieves what he desires.

Madiha Fatima


Madiha is currently doing her bachelors in Telecommunications Engineering from MUET.

She is professionally interested in Computer networks (Client servers) & WSN (wireless Sensor network). Besides that, writing is one of her passions. She is currently a blogger in Muettech. She loves blogging about Cosmology, astronomy, social sciences and technology; Curiosity is a part of who she is and that makes her wonder about universe very profoundly. She’s the chatter box of Muettech but she speaks her heart.


Latifabad Hyderabad Pakistan 71000



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