Development Of Search Algorithms For Path Planning Of Mobile Robot

Development Of Search Algorithms For Path Planning Of Mobile Robot

The project consists of a mobile Robot that is three-wheeled. It will automatically reach from a source to destination without any external help of a human. The project constitute of two main parts. First is the Robot and the second is the communication section/laptop. Robot section is made up of various sensors including digital compass, GPS, Ultrasonic sensors and Wi-Fi. And the purpose of the communication section / laptop is to find the optimal path using Google maps API so that the Robot can easily travel from the current location to the destination assigned. After providing the destination location through communication section to the Robot, It will report back with its current position so that the communication section should find the optimal path for the robot to follow. And with that , the station(Communication section) will instruct the Robot about the route, direction and distance that has to be covered. Once all the instructions are received by the Robot. It will move in the specific direction and will avoid the hurdles or obstacles that may come in its way through its own intelligence. Because the hurdles aren’t specified on the Google map, it sorts them out on its own.


Sugandh memon(11es32) 

Batool memon(11es06) 

Shehnaz lashari(11es05)

Kiran memon(11es11)

Murk baloch (11es13

Supervisor :                        Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry

Co-supervisor :                 Engr. Zaigham Abbas Shah & Azam Rafique

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