Electric Powered Remote Controlled Model Aircraft

Electric Powered Remote Controlled Model Aircraft

This report documents the design, manufacturing processes, and testing conducted by the University of MEHRAN (MUET) Team MUET AVENGERS for the model aircraft entry in DBFC 9 (2014). The objective of the competition is to produce an electric powered remote controlled model aircraft that will successfully complete the required missions of DBFC 9.

The goal of the aircraft is to be as light in weight as possible while carrying a large volume of internal payloads. The aircraft must be capable of completing two missions that will test its performance extremes: first, is to fly the greatest number of laps in a four minute time period without payloads; second, is to fly with the payloads stored inside the aircraft. The major challenge is being able to takeoff within a 60 feet  paved runway during the payload mission given that the propulsion limitations imposed by a 20 amp fuse and 1.75 lb maximum battery weight.

Team MUET AVENGERS determined that the winning aircraft would be the one that is built to complete all two missions with the lightest possible empty weight. To address the challenges posed by each mission, the team designed an aircraft that could balance the mission requirement; primarily high speed for mission 1 and high thrust for mission 2.

The 20 amp fuse and 60-ft take-off led the team to choose a low kV motor and increase the voltage and propeller diameter in order to gain enough thrust for takeoff during the payload missions. To reduce weight and increase the chances of winning, a conventional design was selected, with a Tail dragger landing gear, and single motor (tractor). To reduce drag and increase lift, a rectangular fuselage and a high aspect ratio wing was selected. To shorten the takeoff distance, without increasing power, a high wing along with gearing mechanism and dihedral angel with full span flaperons were used.

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