Electromagnetic Disc Braking System

Electromagnetic Disc Braking System

Electromagnetic breaking system is the new technology emerged and has replaced the traditional braking systems. It creates an eddy current which slows an object with the help of the phenomena named as Electromagnetic induction. To make the flow of current free, no precautions are taken for Eddy current brakes.  The working of the Electromagnetic braking depends upon the conversion of kinetic energy into thermal energy. Eddy current is induced when a non-magnetic or magnetic material is rotated into a static magnetic field. The way of the eddy current is determined by the configuration of the conductive material and its electromagnetic properties.

But at times the braking torque occurs due to the heat caused by eddy current due to the resistance of the electromagnetic properties. The main goal of the project is to provide an experimental project on Electromagnetic braking for various parameters such as electromagnetic disc braking system for rotating disc to analyze the magnetic braking .There will be also simulation model used for analysis of magnetic braking in rotating object.

The complexity of the electromagnetic problem causes the impossibility of the mathematical analysis of electromagnetic brake. But luckily, finite element method can be used for the analysis of the electromagnetic brake of eddy current.

The multidisciplinary approach in context with mechanical, electrical and thermal is needed in design procedure of the electromagnetic brake. The project mainly focuses on the experimental verification of an electromagnetic brake in terms of  design and development. The EMB system is designed by the proper and suitable design of electromagnets. The disc is baked by the magnetic field provided by the electromagnets which were confirmed experimentally. In order to gain the required specifications and constraints, the turns and core would be appreciable depicted by the EMB design.

Burhan Aslam             11ES104

Erum Karim                11ES73

Muddasir Akram         11ES112

Sonia Qazi                   11ES108

Syed Wajahat Ali        11ES141

Kapan Devi                       11ES74

Supervised by

Dr. Imtiaz Hussain Kalwar

Department of Electronic Engineering

Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro

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