Fluid Level Indicator

Fluid Level Indicator

Introduction : This project of fluid level indicator is a circuit which can be used for the indication of any fluid or liquid up to the desires levels .This fluid level indicator will help us to save our liquid from being wasted .We can use different LEDs and Buzzer at certain levels for indication.

Circuit Diagram:

zohaib copy


Resistors 100K x3 , 1K x5 , 10K x 3
Transistors CS9014 x 3
AND GATE IC 7400 x 6
LED 7 Segment Display
Voltage 6 volts

Working :

B terminals of the transistors are used as electronics while E, 1, 2 and F are symbols representing the following four fluid level in a tank and are displayed on the7-segment.

  1. When the fluid level is at or below E, A=B=C=1, E is displayed.
  2. When the fluid level is above 1 and below 2, A=0, B=C=1, 1 is displayed.
  3. When the fluid level is above 2 and below F, A=B=0, C=1, 2 is displayed.
  4. When the fluid level is at or below F, A=B=C=0, F is displayed.

The truth table for inputs A, B, C and outputs a, b, c, d. e, f and g is shown below.


From the truth table, we can see that a=e=g, c=a, b=f,

There are actually eight output states, as the Kanaugh map showed below.


Applications :

  • Water Tanks
  • Petrol Kits
  • Controlled Boilers

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