Energy crisis has been one of the leading problems that this world is facing. With the increasing demand, not only power and fuel has been affected but also other issues have been growing rapidly. The best example of such shortage of energy can be observed by the crisis of Petrol since last December in Pakistan.

This project provides the two main concepts of Wireless Power Transmission and Solar Power system. With the help of these two concepts the fuel is no more needed in transportation. Wireless Power Transmission through inductive coupling joined with Solar Power provides the solution to save the energy and gives the answer for energy shortage issues consumed while travelling.

This project “INDUCTION AND SOLAR SYSTEM ELECTRIC VEHICLE” consists of two parts, first is the induction System, that works on the laws of Electromagnetic induction and second is Solar System.

. The whole mechanism of Induction system works in a way that a step down transformer is connected with main power supply of 220V which steps down the voltage at 24V then this is power of 24V is connected with D.C power supply which converts 24V of A.C into 12V of D.C this supply is now connected with transmitter which converts again D.C 12V into A.C and then transmitter inductive copper cable is buried underground which transmit the electrical power via electromagnetic induction.

Pickup equipment which is a receiver side is fitted underneath the vehicle which receives through non-contact (wireless) magnetic induction which is used to power the vehicle directly or charge the batteries. In this project the receiver gets A.C power of 33V at 1 inch distance through copper coils, where the distance and voltage are inversely proportional. Receiver receives the A.C power then converts back into D.C voltage of 9V now motor of vehicle is connected with 12V of D.C to run the vehicle.

The Solar System part of this project works by the help of a panel which is fitted on the head of the vehicle, it receives the direct sunlight and generates 18V which is used for necessities of the vehicle such as to power the vehicle or charge the batteries.


The switching mechanism is also used in vehicle to shift the power from induction to solar and vice versa automatically. A real fuel free Electric car can easily be made by using the Induction and Solar power.

We are the first ones among undergraduates of M.U.E.T as well as in Pakistan who have designed such a system in which electrical power is transmitted wirelessly and that concept is used in electric vehicle with the addition of solar power. The Providence of all the measurements such as voltage, current and frequency are conducted by us; every minute detail is listed in the detailed report.

ARSHAD ALI BALOCH (Group Leader)                11ES100

KAZIM HUSSAIN WADHO (AGL)                           11ES93

JUMA BOY JUMA                                                      11ES143

FAROOQ AHMED BUGHTI                                     11ES144

NAEEM AHMED MAGSI                                          11ES99

SADDAM HUSSAIN DOGAR                                   11ES111

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