RFID Based Librarian Robot

RFID Based Librarian Robot

Radio frequency identification is one of the most emerging technologies of this era. Its application is not only being used in industries but also in academic world. The Modern academic library is a hub of millions of books, CDs , DVDs and all the E-reading material .It can be quite troublesome at times for Librarians to control such immense collection  . Considering this problem, the efficient solution was RFID based Librarian Robot that can manage the library more accurately and efficiently.

. RFID is the technology that uses radio waves to automatically identify books. The goal of the RFID system to contain the data in tags formally known as transponders and to extract data with the help of machine readable means to satisfy the needs of the readers. The use of RFID also reduces the amount of time required to perform Circulation operations. The most significant time saving with bootable to the fact that information can be read from RFID tags much faster than form barcodes and that served items in the stack can be read at the same time. The core component of the RFID system is tag. The best part is even if one individual tries to check for an RFID tag in a book, it’s hard for them to find it physically. The purpose of the tag is simply to recognize, it can either be a tool, a vehicle, an object or even a person. The RFID provides a unique code that is readable by the reader.

. So in library each book is attached with a RFID tag, in order to find the required book. RFID based Librarian Robot follows the particular path and searches for the requested book. As it reaches to the required book gives indication.

Name of Students                                              Roll Nos.

  1. Pardeep Kumar (G.L)                     11ES105
  2. Sohail Ahmed Larik (A.G.L)          11ES128
  3. Abdul Rauf                                          11ES107
  4. Fawad Shaikh                                     11ES135
  5. Rahul Parshant                                   11ES139
  6. Rajesh Kumar                                      11ES82

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