The Automatic Fuel Monitoring, Tracking & Theft Detection System

The Automatic Fuel Monitoring, Tracking & Theft Detection System

This system is a Fuel Management System (FMS) and is used for fuel carrying vehicles. It consists of design, implementation and characterization of a hardware platform. The goal of this System is to monitor the level of fuel in real time situations. This project can be implemented on the tankers that usually carry fuels from their sources to destinations. The whole system comprises of two main parts, first is the software and second is the hardware. Database purposes are fulfilled by labVIEW which includes in software component. And the hardware component contains GSM & GPS modules, fuel level circuits and on-board Arduino. The replacement of manual monitoring of fuel is done by an Automatic Electronic System (AES). From time to time, measured fuel volume is sent to owner’s mobile and computer through the help of GSM network. This system also keeps record of the critical situations, cases such as where the fuel is theft or leakage of fuel is observed. It also has a location tracker so that the location of tankers and their whereabouts can be easily known. And in case of incidents, the information can easily be taken. The main advantage of this system is that it’s cheap in cost and the building components are easily available .This System allows to automate the fuel transportation for easy analysis and calculations.  jj copy


Arif Ali Brohi                              11ES71

Furqan Mazhar  11ES88

Komal Khuwaja                                          11ES89

Salman Shaikh           11ES72

Maria Memon                    11ES86

Amanullah Chachar           11ES125




Supervisor                                                                              Co-Supervisor

Engr. Aamir ALi Patoli                                                                     Engr. Mansoor Ali

Lecturer                                                                                        Lecturer

Dept. of Electronics Engineering                                              Dept. of Electronics Engineering

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